Wednesday, May 23

NBA Wrap-up

With the NBA season winding down (ie, the Spurs looking far superior to all of their remaining opponents) lets look back on the predictions I made in October:
East Surprise
+Milwaukee - um, oops?, that was a poor season from the Bucks, but hopefully they can continue to improve and add the right pieces in the draft
-Miami - this was pretty much on the nose, I didn't say they'd suck, but they wouldn't do well to defend their title, playing in the 2nd worst division in the East (games against the magic, bobcats, hawks) they only had the 5th best record in the East and were promptly swept out of the playoffs in the first round, they need to get younger soon
Champ: Chicago - close, maybe they'll make the jump next year

West Surprise
+Houston - well, they had home court in the playoffs, but they should have done better in the playoffs
-NOK - this was pretty much correct as well, CP3 couldn't will them into the playoffs, but they were closer to the playoffs than to Mr. Oden
Champ: SA - pretty much right on, not that I've enjoyed how its happened, I'd have preferred to see the titanic clashes between the Mavs, Suns, and Spurs, throw in an upstart like the Jazz and it might have been a little fun, oh well, we'll have to wait til next year

on a side note, the Bobcats will be drafting 8th, so I will be thinking Corey Brewer thoughts will in CO

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