Monday, May 14

All-Suck Lineups through Week 6

Now with commentary!

C Jason Kendall (Last good season? 2003.)
1B Ryan Shealy (Placed on DL after "injuring hamstring while running the bases")
2B Josh Barfield (Did San Diego know he was going to have such a bad season when they traded him for Kouzmanoff?)
3B Joe Crede (Last good season? Never.)
SS Ben Zobrist (Optioned to the Minor Leagues)
OF Nelson Cruz (Has attained "clutch player" status after hitting a walk-off HR on Sunday, but it's not enough to keep him from claiming the top OF spot)
OF Emil Brown (Serviceable in 2005 and 2006, should return to serviceable form eventually)
OF Delmon Young (Hopefully character issues aren't causing his slump)
SP Jeff Weaver (Placed on DL for acute ERA-itis; his season has been a total disaster)
RP B.J. Ryan (Arm fell off)

C David Ross (Has never eclipsed 250 at-bats in a season)
1B Adam LaRoche (Struck by infamous Braves Curse)
2B Jamey Carroll (Someone please tell me why this guy gets at-bats)
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff (.121/.178/.209 in 101 PA, ugh) (Okay, what's going on with this trade?)
SS Adam Everett (Whoops, teased Astros fans at the beginning of the season by leading the team in hitting; we all knew that wouldn't keep up)
OF Ryan Langerhans (Atlanta Model; no one's passed him yet on the OF depth chart)
OF Kory Casto (It's his first season, he'll pick up after he gets adjusted)
OF Jim Edmonds (Time to think about retirement? He'll turn 37 on June 27)
SP Mark Redman (Placed on DL for acute ERA-itis)
RP Jorge Julio (Shipped off to Colorado for a pitcher [Byung-Hyun Kim] who won't even pitch this season, and hasn't pitched well since 2002)

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