Friday, May 4

Was it something I said?

The Panthers have released Keyshawn Johnson (I know, news flash, right?) anyways, I figured I'd weigh in with my two cents and provide a link to Darin Gantt's article, which also has some good insight. The only two reasons that I could think of for this: 1) we need the salary space to sign/trade for a new safety 2) we have too many WRs and needed to leave space (after drafting Jarrett and Robinson who should have spots). Apparently the money that is saved isn't a huge issue, but instead the team figured that the presence of Keyshawn would hinder development more than help it. The Gantt article centers around Fox and Hurney basically doing something that they must feel strongly about since it may well make the team worse in the short term. Also, Gantt mentions that the only safeties available are the ones that we released last year (Colin Branch, Shaun Williams).

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