Friday, May 18

money money money MONEY, MUH-NAY

Yeah, thats my rough interpretation of what the song sounds like, anyways, the group that just bought the Braves was interviewed here, with one of the questions being about payroll expectations. The Liberty Group has signed official documents saying that the payroll will not drop from the average level of the past 3 years. As Greg Maffei (President & CEO) put it "I'm going to leave that to [McGuirk], but I would be surprised [if it doesn't go up]," Maffei said. "The goal is to have a successful franchise, and winning franchises are successful franchises, and there probably is some correlation between payroll and success. Not an absolute correlation, but certainly some correlation."


So, the natural question would be, are the Braves gonna keep Andruw?

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John said...

I would hope we don't keep Andruw. He's been a very productive player for us ever since he came up, but he's going to command a HUGE salary, both being a player of his caliber and being a Scott Boras client. There are plenty of other outfield talents out there (John Schuerholz has made a good trade or two in his day), and if payroll does go up as ownership claims, it shouldn't be a problem to acquire a player either in his prime (read: 27 or 28 years old) or before it. Also, our #4 prospect as listed by Baseball America is an outfielder, Brandon Jones. So help's on the way even if we don't sign a free agent or acquire one via trade.

Regarding Andruw, he'll be 30 next season, so he'll be able to give a club several more years of production after this year. His glove, however, isn't what it used to be (I think we can all agree with that), which is one of the main attractions of the name "Andruw Jones."