Thursday, May 17

Clipboards for EVERYBODY!

Alright folks, guess which sport is back in season!!! Its everyone's favorite the NFL!!! Oh, wait, for a sport to come back doesn't it have to go away? Anyways, well, we've completed a loop, and now instead of being the end of last season, everyone has a blank slate, tabula rasas for all, everyone is 0-0, and we all can make it to the Super Bowl. This means that ESPN has published its preseason Power Ratings. (Which look remarkably like the Super Bowl Odds here).
Some initial reactions:
Too High - Saints (not with that honking target on their back), Ravens (aging defense should finally fail them this year, esp w/o Adalius Thomas), Cowboys (see '05 Eagles)
Too Low - Redskins? Cardinals? I really don't know to be honest

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John said...

There's still plenty of room on the Redskins bandwagon, everyone hop on