Sunday, November 9

Lee Pace is the man

As I noted in my last post, I intended to email the Extra Points mailbag to find out the last time we wore navy jerseys at home. I emailed him at 12:57 with my question, and he just answered my question at 2:15. Awesome turnaround time. I have no idea if my question will make it onto the Mailbag article he writes weekly, but that's still beyond excellent response time. I've spent thousands at Marriotts and never gotten feedback to my questions this quickly, even when I email the manager.

Lee Pace, consider this your shoutout. You earned it. I would also encourage anyone to email Mr Pace if you have any obscure questions about our football program.

PS - Here's the contents of my email:

When was the last time UNC wore non-Carolina Blue jerseys at home like on Saturday? Have we worn navy or white at home for some special reason before?

Cason Dwyer, ‘07
Madison, WI


We haven't worn navy jerseys home or away since the final game of the 1959 season.


It looks like we broke out the navy jerseys for the first time in almost 50 years. Good call, Butch.

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Ryan said...

A couple of final notes on the UNC win over GT. Dwight Jones saw time in garbage time of the game, thus voiding his potential redshirt status. Expect to see more of him in the final 4 (5?) games. Also, over the weekend UNC moved into the Orange Bowl slot on CBS's Bowl Predictions. We just have to hope for a VT loss at Miami this Thursday.