Monday, October 13


Brandon Tate is out for the year with a torn ACL and MCL. Hopefully he will recover from this week's upcoming surgery in time for NFL draft evaluations. This is a bad break for the Heels now that we are finding ourselves on national TV more often.

I know Hakeem Nicks (Brad Nessler, please note that it's 'Nicks' and not 'Hicks') can pick up the slack, but Brooks Foster needs to be ready to hold onto the ball. You too, Cooter. I have not received any information about our TE, Zach Pinalto, who was injured Saturday.


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Ryan said...

yeah, this is obviously a big blow for both him and the team. he was looking at a solid high 3rd round pick (you know how teams love trying to find the next hester). the heels will obviously miss him as well, maybe little can step up as a pass catching/big play threat, or even Dwight Jones, a 5-star prospect who took an alternate route to UNC (via Hargrave Military), maybe this can accelerate his development as an offensive weapon (though I will say he seems more like a Nicks than a Tate).