Wednesday, October 29

Week 9 Lines

Via the comments from week 8, we all ended up at 0-2-1, losing bets were placed on Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, and San Fran while we all pushed the New England/St Louis game (but with different bets).

Favorite Line Underdog
@Minnesota -4.5 Houston
Jacksonville -7.5 @Cincinnati
Tampa Bay -8 @Kansas City
@Cleveland -2 Baltimore
@Buffalo -5.5 NY Jets
Arizona -3 @St. Louis
@Chicago -13 Detroit
@Tennessee -5.5 Green Bay
@Denver -3 Miami
Atlanta -3 @Oakland
@NY Giants -8 Dallas
Philadelphia -7 @Seattle
@Indy -5.5 New England
@Washington -2 Pittsburgh


John said...
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kevin said...

shianna picks MN, NYJ and GB

Ryan said...

Baltimore, Philly, Tennessee

Ryan said...

John's actual bets are:

Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore

(and he's just hopping in, down .5 point after the rest of the field had a stellar Week 8)

Jason said...

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Arizona