Tuesday, November 25

Week 13 Spreads

@Dallas-13 Seattle Thurs4:15
@NY Jets-7.5DenverSun1:00
@Buffalo-7 San Francisco Sun 1:00
@Tampa Bay -3.5 New Orleans Sun 1:00
@Green Bay -3 Carolina Sun 1:00
NY Giants -3.5 @Washington Sun 1:00
Miami -8 @St. Louis Sun 1:00
Baltimore -7 @Cincinnati Sun 1:00
Indianapolis -4.5 @Cleveland Sun 1:00
@San Diego -5.5 Atlanta Sun 4:05
@New England -1 Pittsburgh Sun 4:15
@Oakland -3 Kansas City Sun 4:15
@Minnesota -3.5 Chicago Sun 8:15
@Houston -3 Jacksonville Mon 8:35

These are up soon enough that anyone wishing to call one (or all three) of these games will have to do so by 5pm on Wednesday. This will eliminate confusion created by three different start times, and any advantage to waiting closer to kickoff to get injury news.

Edit: Sorry, wrote the paragraph for the Turkey Day games only, all Sunday games due at the usual time


John said...

I'm assuming the Wednesday deadline only applies to the Thursday games.

John said...

What's our consensus record?

Ryan said...

7-3, we dropped GB and Carolina last week

Jason said...

Taking Arizona tomorrow

Most likely but I may change up until 5 on Friday the following:


kevin said...

arizone, MN, pitt

John said...

Subject to change, but I may not be around the computer very much in the next couple of days so I'll go ahead and get these up now.

Pittsburgh +1
Atlanta +5.5
NY Giants -3.5

Ryan said...

NY Giants, Indianapolis, Baltimore