Friday, November 21

UCSB Thoughts

-We've missed Hansbrough, but since the early first half the Heels have seemed to have trouble finding him and making him the focal point of the offense (or finding the open man off the double teams he creates)

-Ellington continues to get beaten when playing man-to-man defense, and this is only UCSB

-This is the most poorly officiated game of the year thus far, simply erratic from the officials (in both directions pretty equally), I feel really bad for the Big West if these are their officials

-Ed Davis has one or two good moves, but leaves the ball open to steals too often

-When the Gauchos went on their runs in the first half, you could see a direct correlation (deftly pointed out by the announcers) to UNC's offensive rebounding

-Bobby wasted 3 consecutive possessions with forced 3's or running floaters, very uncharacteristic of him

-Ty must be winded, or just having an off night, he's 5-9 from the line (83.5% last year, meaning the odds of a 5-9 stretch are around 3.8%)

-West coast games and 10 pm tip-offs are lame

Edit: Looks like we won't be playing Arizona anymore, sadly its just another sign of their declining program (H/T Fanhouse)

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Cason said...

Again, I haven't had the opportunity to view a whole UNC game yet, but it sounds like Ed Davis doesn't bring the ball up close to his chin when he's holding it in the paint. That's usually how guards or crafty forwards create turnovers.

Another thought I had is that from watching the ESPN highlights is that we didn't pull away early as we did against KY. I thought we played a strong game against the Wildcats, but against the Gauchos we appeared to struggle and allowed a high FG%. Granted, having your star player come back from an injury when another starter (Little Big Tyler) is out can hamper your offensive game, but it seems like the same problems we had last year are back