Wednesday, November 5

Week 10 Lines

(sans Indy-Pitt)

Favorite Line Underdog
Jacksonville -6.5 @Detroit
Tennessee -3 @Chicago
@New England -4 Buffalo
@Atlanta -1 New Orleans
@NY Jets -8 St. Louis
@Miami -9 Seattle
@Minnesota -2.5 Green Bay
Carolina -9 @Oakland
@San Diego -15 Kansas City
@Philadelphia -3 NY Giants
Baltimore PK @Houston
@Arizona -9.5 San Francisco

Like I said, I'll post Indy-Pitt when at least 3 casinos set their line for the game, but for estimation I'd guess -3 or -4 Pittsburgh


kevin said...

shianna picks baltimore, arizona and new orleans

Jason said...

Baltimore, Carolina, Tennessee

John said...

Looks like we're on the same boat, Jason.

Baltimore PK
Carolina -9.5
Tennessee -3

lemming said...

carolina, tennessee, baltimore

kevin said...

wow, you guys are original. must be reading the same website. watch me go 3-0 again.

Ryan said...

yeah, i obviously just need to be the first to pick, since everyone is copying me

kevin said...

you guys are bastards - oakland misses a seemingly useless field goal with seconds left. would have been an 8 point game. shit!