Thursday, January 3

Top Ten Teams (1-3)

Thought I'd pull my old college hoops rankings out, but instead of a Power 16, I'm just doing a Top 10, because after looking at the AP poll and ESPN's "expert" Power 16, they're basically the same list, with a team maybe moving up or down one spot. There's a pretty clear consensus on the top 10 teams in the country right now, though (with Kenpom's West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Xavier choices being dragged into the mud out of the top 10, and the writers' Tennessee choice being taken with them), so here's what we're left with:

1. Kansas
2. North Carolina
3. Memphis

5. Duke
6. Washington St.
7. Marquette
8. Georgetown

9. Michigan St.
10. Texas A&M

These are just the averages of the Kenpom, AP, and ESPN Power 16 polls, which is basically 1 Kenpom : 2 Everyone else. Nowhere is there more than a 2-spot change between the AP poll and the ESPN Power 16.

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