Monday, January 21

Championship Results

Alright folks, I hope we've all learned a lesson from this past weekend. Lucy, do we see what does trash talking gets us? Yep, a whole crap ton of bad kharma.

Ryan: 8 pts 1-1 (10, 5-5)
Cason: 4 pts 1-1 (8, 3-3)
John: 4 pts 1-1 (4, 4-6)
Lucy: -10 pts 0-2 (-6, 5-5)

That's the week's order (and also the order overall as well, it was moving day on the TFSB playoff pick 'em leaderboard), alright everyone, have your thinking caps on for the next two weeks, and be ready to make the big 10 point pick by February 3rd. Everyone is still in the race (ie within 20 points of each other).

1 comment:

Lucy Rebecca said...

really? i'm in last place now? POOP! i do hope that Ryan only meant that trash talk affects my TFSB kharma since i'm a cripple now as well. note to self: stop being so mean all the time or "a whole crap ton" of badness will result. glad that we are all still in the race however.