Wednesday, January 16

Divisional Pick 'em Wrap

Seems like Lucy wrapped this up for us:

Lucy: 4 pts 3-1 (4, 5-3)
Cason: 4 pts 2-2 (4, 2-2)
Ryan: 0 pts 2-2 (2, 4-4)
John: -2 pts 1-3 (0, 3-5)

Not sure how many of you remember, but last year, for the Championship weekend, we decided to allow each picker to allot 10 points to the 2 games (so that the same number of points are awarded this week as were in the first 2 rounds). For an example, last year I gave the Colts over the Pats 6 points and the Bears over the Saints 4. Neither number can be 0, and both integers have to sum to 10. Assign your points wisely.

Oh the games are San Diego @ New England (-14) and New York (N) @ Green Bay (-7). Also, hurry to place your bets on the Super Bowl now, AFC (-12.5) vs. NFC, 12.5 is as low as it will get (mark my words).

1 comment:

Lucy Rebecca said...

Green Bay (6)
San Diego (4)
It's going to be below freezing in Green Bay. Brrr! And Savannah has convinced me that the Chargers have to win so she can watch Philip Rivers at the superbowl.