Friday, January 11

Divisional Weekend

Sorry for the brevity here folks:

4Indianapolis - The Bolts are in trouble w/o Gates, they barely beat the injury-ravaged Colts playing in SD against bizzaro Peyton (6 picks)

3Green Bay - Just a step ahead of Seattle, and if Seattle's not at home, it ain't happening (something like 2-6 i think)

2New England - There is a shot, though an outside one, too bad Jax isn't playing Indy, b/c it'd likely make for a better game

1Dallas - Almost went with the upset, but I think the home/rested teams will carry the day

Here are Cason's picks for this week:

4 - New England over Jacksonville

3 - Green Bay over "We want the ball and we're gonna score!"

2 - Indianapolis over San Diego

1 - Dallas over NY
Cason: "I was originally going to pick New York here, but so many people have started calling this upset a sure thing that it makes me wonder. I'll be happy if Eli wins here but I'm leery of the Giants all of a sudden getting too much love. I think Dallas wins in a close one, with or without T.O."

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