Monday, December 17

Week 15 Recap

Shawn: 3-3, -1 point (43-41, 9 points)
Ryan: 2-4, -2 points (51-33, 83 points)
John: 2-4, -7 points (55-29, 112 points)

Ouch, rough week for all parties. Shawn guessed correctly on Jacksonville beating Pittsburgh this week, which carried him to a slim victory even though Ryan came charging in hard with his correct Eagles upset pick. Miami's first win of the season came at a heavy price for all of us, as we each picked that one as our six-pointer. John's and Ryan's blistering streak of six straight weeks with at least a .500 record came to an end this week, as each went 2-4 for the first time since Week 7. Maddeningly, the guest picker also had the same streak...but kept it alive this week thanks to Shawn's 3-3 performance. Not even Flippy could derail the train in Week 11. There are still two weeks remaining for all you TFSB readers out there to bump up those scores in hopes of being selected to pick for the playoffs. Bethany has the best chance of topping 20 combined points (Cason's and Lucy's current total) out of those that have already picked, but one correct upset pick could change a lot of things for others.

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