Wednesday, December 19

John's Week 16 Picks

Tampa Bay over San Francisco (6). Okay, I know we have some high spreads this week, but this is just ridiculous. -6.5 points? Really, Vegas? This is one of those games that makes me want to open an account somewhere with Ryan.

Minnesota over Washington (5). I'm pretty high on the Vikings right now, and the Redskins will be without War Eagle for at least this week, so it doesn't look like Washington will be doing much here.

Cleveland over Cincinnati (4). The Browns offense is still firing on all cylinders, as is Cincinnati's, so this one could be another shootout if the weather in Cincinnati is good.

Detroit over Kansas City (3). Not really much to say about this game...both teams are pretty awful, but Detroit can pull this one out.

Philadelphia over New Orleans (2). Fresh off their victory over Loveboat Romo & Co., Philadelphia should be able to stave off the New Orleans offense and take advantage of that dreadful New Orleans secondary.

New York over Buffalo (1). This game could really go either way, but I'm banking on the Giants reverting to earlier form, not on their past few games.

Upset Special: Atlanta over Arizona (-10.5). Atlanta, while bad, has looked better this season than Arizona, and has a real chance here with Boldin and Fitzgerald still hurting.

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