Monday, December 10

Week 14 Recap

Ryan: 5-1, 19 points (49-29, 85 points)
John: 5-1, 11 points (53-25, 119 points)
Lucy: 4-2, 7 points (40-38, 10 points)

Well, it was a solid pick'em week for everyone involved, as only the Tampa Bay loss hurt everyone, and Lucy's pick of St. Louis only cost her two points. Winning records all around are always cause for celebration. Ryan's victory this week pulls him into a tie with John for weeks won with five, with the guest taking two weeks, and with John and Ryan tying one week (and the bye week makes 14). Ryan's within shouting distance of John in points now, and with three solid weeks, could easily challenge John for the points lead. There are now just three remaining pick'em weeks, so be sure to post a comment if you'd like to be a guest picker before the end of the regular season. As it stands, Lucy and Cason will receive invitations to pick the playoffs, as each have accumulated 20 points (Cason in one week, Lucy in two). Shawn is in third with 15, so I'll be sure to ask him if he'd like to hop on in the next three weeks to try and pull ahead into first.

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