Wednesday, December 5

Week 13 Recap

Editor's note: John's all-time record has been modified to reflect his actual record of 4-2 in Week 11, not 3-3 as calculated by Ryan. I probably deserved it, having crapped out on my recap duties for that week.

Bethany: 4-2, 2 points (36-36, 3 points)
John: 3-3, 1 point (48-24, 108 points)
Ryan: 3-3, -1 point (44-28, 66 points)

Well folks, it looks like there are some serious bragging rights on the line here. After Bethany scored the upset to squeak by both John and Ryan on the week despite picking one more game correctly, she and Dani are the only guests to have beaten both John and Ryan in the same week. Ouch. If we don't get our act together soon, we may end up getting run out of the Pick'em building. The charge now goes out to both males and females: Ladies (Emily and Lucy, I'm looking at you), do you care to try your chance next week, and extend the streak against the hapless TFSB boys? Guys, after having seen the girls do it, do you think you too can show Ryan and John how a real pro picks 'em? Come one, come all, only four more weeks left until our special by-invitation-only playoff tournament. Details to come, but those with the best records will be asked to return to pick all the playoff games after the season's over. If you want a chance to form a new record (or improve upon your current one), don't hesitate to shoot us a comment.

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Ryan said...

Ouch, sorry about shafting you, must have been somewhere in my subconscious, though you did deserve it. Hey, do you want to write up that amazing Wazzu-Gonzaga game? Oh, what's that? It was on ESPN#U? That's too bad. I guess we'll have to settle for an "early ORtg recap"