Saturday, December 2

Week 13 picks:

Washington over Atlanta. Go War Eagle!

Green Bay over New York. The Jets seem to be fading, even with their CUPCAKE schedule. The greatest quarterback ever shouldn't have a problem.

Jacksonville over Miami. Those inconsistent Jaguars should win a close, low-scoring game over the Dolphins.

Houston over Oakland. I <3 the Texans' wide receivers, even more than I <3 the Raiders' defense.

Dallas over New York. The Cowboys seem unstoppable right now, but if anyone can beat them, it's the Giants. There might be a tad too much internal strife right now for that to happen, though.

Carolina over Philadelphia. I'm really not sure how this game's line is +/- 3, but it is. Panthers win in dominant fashion.

I'm not really sure about the money game for the week...Cowboys/Giants or Jaguars/Dolphins seem to be the best options. If we want to put big-ticket money games on hiatus for a week, though, Packers/Jets actually seems to be the closest matchup. That's my vote.

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