Friday, December 22

in case John missed it, i mean, i know he doesn't read cbs sportsline that often, here are a couple of articles on the Braves' offseason plans:

well, ok ok, we all know John knew most of what was in there, this can just be for the rest of us (kinda like Festivus). that is, if he ever quits playing ocarina of time, lets see, a 30 hour game, started at 3am this morning, he should be done in time to watch OSU-Florida, i mean, this week's OSU-Florida, not the football game.

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John said...

I really liked those articles; thanks. Especially the second one. Oh, I'm about to do the DEATH MOUNTAIN quest, by the way.

I don't really have anything to add to the Braves post that isn't in those articles other than to point out that Soriano will see better use as a high-leverage setup man than a straight-up closer. Bobby generally doesn't get too creative with his closers' usage, so Wickman will probably be brought in for ninth-inning work, and only ninth-inning work.