Sunday, December 10

Hey guys! It's John, taking a vacation from Kenpom land, finally taking my shift tallying the year-to-date pick'em results.

John: 7-1 (33-23) DAMN what a week.

Ryan: 3-5 (22-34) DAMN what a season. Next year, big guy, next year.

Combined: 3-1 (15-18) Bringing it back, just gotta get on board the John picks train, and the combined results will roll to victory.

Oh, and the Holiday Hawk continues to win; looks like a top seed in the playoffs this year.


Ryan said...

hey, i didn't get credit for my holiday hawk win, WTF

i'd like to point out the similarities between my season and the panther's. all the talent is there but the results are confusing. oh well, hopefully we'll both back into the playoffs and suprise some people.

Jeff said...

Superbowl XLI: San Diego vs. New Orleans

Rivers vs. Brees

how awesome would that be?