Monday, December 22

Standings after Week 16

1) John 16-7-1 (3, 16.5)
2) Jason 15-11-1 (1, 15.5)
3) Ryan 13-12-2 (1, 14)
4) Kevin 13-13-1 (2, 13.5)

Consensus: 13-7

Nice week for John, as he goes a perfect 3-0 to take an outright lead despite coming in after Week 1. Baltimore (win) and Pittsburgh (loss) were the consensus picks this week.

Are we picking Week 17 games? The way I see it, it actually shouldn't matter much because only two teams have clinched home field advantage - the Giants and the Titans. Those are the only two teams who can afford to rest their starters this week. Everyone else should be vying for better playoff seeding (if they're in or in the hunt for the playoffs) or playing spoiler if they've been eliminated from playoff consideration already. Games between two non-playoff teams (WAS/SF, CIN/KC, GB/DET) should still be fine as everyone's padding their stats, still, right? (Not to mention the fact that the Lions are trying to avoid going winless, and the Packers are trying to avoid being the only team to lose to the 2008 Lions.) Thoughts?

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Ryan said...

I say pick it, though there are a few other teams with nothing to gain: Arizona is stuck at #4 (though this has been true for a week or so) and the Colts are stuck behind the Titans in their division and thus in the 5 hole since they hold the tiebreaker over the Ravens 31-3/Pats 18-15/Phins (conf record). That said there are many games that do matter, the Panthers still haven't wrapped up their division, the Bucs/Cowboys are playing for the 6th spot in the NFC (though not against each other). The Bears/Vikings might be playing for a division title (also not against each other). Broncos v Chargers for the AFC Worst and the Jets/Dolphins/Pats/Ravens need to settle the 3rd and 6th seeds in the AFC. Its going to be as active a week 17 as there has been in a while.