Monday, December 8

New look UNC defense

This is a bit late, but here's a great post from X's and O's of Basketball about UNC's interior defense in the Michigan State game. It has a couple of clips that highlight our collapsing defense and how we used it to force 21 turnovers against a strong Michigan State team.


The site also breaks down a myriad of NBA, Euro, College and WNBA (yes, it still exists) games for bits of strategy and coaching. If only people other than Jay Bilas or Len Elmore read this site, we might get better commentary for our games. I regularly check it to learn what analysts mean when they say 'flex' or 'swing' offense, fundamentally sound screen hedges and all those other terms that they love to drop but never explain.


Ryan said...

nice post case, i think i'm going to try to collect the tar heel knob-slobbing that's been going on of late and put it in a post for anyone who is depressed. also, do you want to live blog a basketball game cason? which of the upcoming games would be best for you?

Ryan said...

also, cason you'll be glad to read this via AA: "Oral Roberts @ North Carolina (ESPN2, 6pm)- Mike Patrick, Len Elmore"