Monday, June 11

That's Nasty! (Week of June 4)

Special extended edition of That's Nasty! this week to give credit (and hell) to several pitchers. First off, the best performance of the week was turned in by Jon Lieber on Saturday against the Royals. His line:

IP: 9
H: 3
R: 0
BB: 0
SO: 11
GmSc: 92

Just dominant. Two singles and a double allowed for the whole game, with 11 strikeouts mixed in. Also of note, C.C. Sabathia had the best start of the day on both days he pitched, Tuesday and Sunday.

On the other side of things, three pitchers turned in outings that had a GameScore of less than 10: Roy Halladay (6), Tom Glavine (5), and Kameron Loe (4). Loe's line on Thursday against the Tigers:

IP: 2.2
H: 9
R: 9
BB: 1
SO: 1

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