Saturday, June 9

Braves Update

Alfonso Soriano hit three home runs against the Braves last night. Lance Cormier's first two starts have been disastrous, both against Chicago...8 ER in 4 IP last week, 5 ER in 3.2 IP this week. Ugh. This was supposed to be the rock at the back of our rotation? Is Cormier looking to become the latest incarnation of Mark Redman?

The Braves selected Jason Heyward, a power-hitting, toolsy outfielder from a Georgia high school, as their first pick in the draft. Both BA and BP had nothing but positive things to say about the pick. Our sandwich pick, Jonathan Gilmore, is also projected as a raw power hitter.

UNC players selected:
Josh Horton, #90, Athletics
Luke Putkonen, #121, Tigers
Andrew Carignan, #180, Athletics
Reid Fronk, #215, Devil Rays
Benji Johnson, #528, Braves
Robert Woodard, #627, Padres

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