Monday, June 11

All-Star Lineups through Week 10

Starting this week, I'll give each player's pole position in the All-Star balloting race, followed by the leading vote-getter at their position.

C Jorge Posada (4, F. Rodriguez*)
1B Mark Teixeira (>5, Ortiz)
2B B.J. Upton (5, Cano)
3B Alex Rodriguez (1)
SS Derek Jeter (1)
OF Magglio Ordonez (5, Guerrero)
OF Vladimir Guerrero (1, M. Ramirez)
OF Grady Sizemore (6, Ichiro)
SP Dan Haren
RP J.J. Putz

C Russell Martin (1)
1B Prince Fielder (2, Pujols)
2B Chase Utley (1)
3B Miguel Cabrera (2, Wright)
SS Hanley Ramirez (>5, Reyes)
OF Matt Holliday (8, Beltran)
OF Barry Bonds (4, Griffey)
OF Aaron Rowand (>15, Soriano)
SP Jake Peavy
RP Rafael Soriano

*Fucking Ivan Rodriguez. Makes the damn All-Star team every year even though he doesn't deserve it. At least Mike Piazza's not on the radar this year (yet).

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