Wednesday, April 25

NFL Draft Post (pt 2)

Ok, now a quick top-10 preview (PS, this is assuming no movement in or out of the top 10, that is just too hard to predict)

1) Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell QB, LSU
Looks like the need matches the potential here, unless they swing a trade for Green, in which case they'd take Johnson (that second plan would be much better IMO)
2) Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson WR, GT
Yeah, yeah, another WR?, but paired with Roy Williams, this offense will go places, they
will likely try to shop this pick but to no avail
3) Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn QB, ND
I'm a big Quinn fan, and now, he'll be throwing passes to my boy KW II, as I said in pt 1, he'll be the top QB in this draft and the Raiders will spiral more towards oblivion
4) Tampa Bay Bucs - Gaines Adams DE, Clemson
The Bucs attempt to fix their aging defense after missing out on trading up for CJ
5) Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas OT, Wisc
The Cardinals could go defense, but need to improve the run game and protect their investment at QB
6) Washington Redskins - Amobi Okoye DT, L'ville
The Skins go defense after no one attempts to trade up, could be Landry here as well
7) Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson RB, Oklahoma
A talent like this has slipped too far. The Vikes have lacked a consistent RB since Robert Smith retired
8) Atlanta Falcons (via Hou) - Laron Landry S, LSU
The Falcons draft a safety to keep Jimmy Williams at corner, and defense is the main need here (since Calvin Johnson is off the board)
9) Miami Dolphins - Alan Branch DT, UM
Too many needs, too many needs. They'll have to wait on a QB (assuming no trade for Green) until Stanton, Edwards, or Beck later
10) Houston Texans (via Atl) - Levi Brown OT, Penn St.
If Schaub is going to be better than Carr, he'll need some protection

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