Wednesday, April 18

I'd dig this rotation

Best pitcher with four starts: Roy Oswalt
Best pitcher with three starts: Tim Hudson
Best pitcher with two starts: Felix Hernandez
Best pitcher with one start: Chris Sampson
Best pitcher with no starts: Matt Guerrier

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Anonymous said...

Taken from the recent Bill Simmons article (note: I know, John, you don't read Bill Simmons, but it talks about the Bobcats so just read it).
MVP consideration -
199. Walter Herrmann
You want to ask, "Wait, they stunk all season, how could that guy not have played more?" until you remember that his name makes him sound like a urologist and he looks like a cross between Fabio and one of those mutant women's volleyball players in the Pac-10. And then it all makes sense. Somehow he narrowly edged Jorge Garbajosa as my "Favorite New Foreigner of the Season" and played himself out of a spot on this year's Bill Simmons All-Stars for "Guys I Like For Whatever Reason That Nobody Else is Talking About Yet" because he received too much attention over the past few weeks.

So who made this year's cut? Well, you can't make the team twice, which rules out guys like David Lee, Anderson Varejao, Kyle Korver and Mikki Moore. But that left more room for this year's group: Rajon Rondo, Bostjan Nachbar, Mike Wilks (a super-sleeper), Sasha Pavlovic, Trevor Ariza, Andray Blatche (a personal favorite), Jose Calderon, Paul Millsap, Renaldo Balkman (ah, the irony), Paul Davis, Garbajosa, Kyle Lowry (injured list), and Sean May (this year's MVP). If I were running a team, I'd be trying to obtain all these guys -- especially May, since Charlotte might be dumb enough to trade him if they landed Oden or Durant. But nobody will give me a team to run. On the bright side, I'm one billionaire diehard reader away. I need just one.

- Cason