Monday, April 30

NFL Draft In Review (Day 2)

What the title should say is "Day 2, crap out", since I've decided to bail and only do a couple of intriguing picks and some brief info on the Panthers guys:
4) Ryne Robinson, KR, Miami (OH) - basically a guy to return kicks, and if everything goes well, he may develop his skills to be a slot reciever, put up impressive stats in college (13.9 yds/ret, 7 TDs)
5) Dante Rosario, TE, Oregon - H-back, what fun! (for a definition of H-back, see comments from Day 1) hopefully Rosario can be the second string TE, and maybe even in the field of play a lot on 2 TE sets, along with exciting motion from FB-TE or vice versa, should be a pass catching option to play opposite Micheal Gaines
5) Tim Shaw, OLB, Penn St - what else to draft but a LB from Linebacker U, this guy has been raved about on a couple of sites, apparently switched to DE for his senior year and still ranked 2nd on the team in sacks, high motor, do what you ask of him guy, should be a boon to special teams this year and hopefully a viable fill-in in the LB rotation (ie, 1 in every 4 plays) by the end of the year
7) CJ Wilson, CB/S, Baylor - finally got our man at safety, hopefully the Panthers may have struck gold, or at least a viable project, this large physical corner could see playing time at safety, as sad as that is

Other notables:
Micheal Bush, RB - 4th, Raiders, injury dropped this 2nd round pick to the 1st of the 4th round, I'd trade him for his L'ville counterpart (and Panthers 2nd rounder) Eric Shelton in a heartbeat
Troy Smith, QB - 5th, Ravens, sigh, the Ravens do love their mobile QBs, though I'm not sure Troy Smith has quite what it takes to make it in the NFL (read: intelligence, accuracy), then again, it was just a 5th rounder
Brandon Siler, ILB - 7th, Chargers, the Chargers got someone with 3rd round talent, and a 1st round ego in the 7th, not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing, probably the latter
Jon Abbate, ILB - Undrafted, Texans, see draft preview, he will make an impact, if only on special teams, with the Texans
Chris Leak, QB - Undrafted, Bears, arguably better than Rex Grossman

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