Wednesday, March 4

Everybody's All-ACC

As this year's ACC tournament seeds are becoming clear, I'll take a minute to look at the All-ACC performers for this year. The league gets to name a first, second and third team conference all star team, but I wanted to recognize the players who deserve to make it. Even though most teams are performing close to pre-season expectations, there have been many players who have taken over games. Since I feel that picking several teams won't do many players justice, I'm just giving you two tiers of players.

Here's my list, feel free to agree/disagree:
Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler, Trevor Booker (who secures rebounds like the grown-ass man he is), Toney Douglas (in the top 500 in a great many Ken Pom categories), Jeff Teague, James Johnson, Greivis Vasquez, Jack McClinton, and Tyrese Rice all make the first tier. Malcolm Delaney, Sylven Landesberg, Tracy Smith, KC Rivers, Ben McCauley, and Gani Lawal all make the second tier of players who deserve praise. These players all had strong seasons and many of these players who will return next year will be able to build off the work they did this season.

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