Friday, January 2

If anyone's interested...

Here are the matchups for the wild card round.

Dirty Birds @ Redbirds
Colts @ Bolts
'Vens @ Fins
Philly @ Minny

This will be separate from the regular season pick'em and will probably just be for bragging rights (since I know Ryan is anxious to display his playoff pick'em prowess). Interested parties (Lucy, this includes you) should pick all four games, weighted. Four points for your most certain pick; one point for your least certain. Incorrect picks will be penalized the amount of the weight, correct picks will be awarded that amount. The lines are all under a field goal anyway, and it's winner advances at this stage, so picking winners feels better.

1. Ryan 4 (3-1)
T1. John 4 (2-2)
3. Lucy -4 (1-3)


John said...

Philly (4)
Balti (3)
Colts (2)
Falcons? (1)

Going with all the road favorites here, but waffled for a while on Atlanta before going with them, albeit reluctantly.

Lucy Rebecca said...

Colts (4)
Philly (3)
Dirty Birds (2)
Fins (1)

Ryan said...

Iggles (4)
Colts (3)
Ravens (2)
Cards (1)

Ryan said...

come john, where are the w-l records?