Tuesday, August 26

Heels' 08-09 Schedule Announced

Looks like I'll be in the Windy City on Dec 20th. Unfortunately, Detroit is too far to drive for the MSU game, but hopefully we'll play two more games there this coming season....

2008-2009 Mens's Basketball Schedule:


Ryan said...

ugh, another year another vanilla schedule. i really wish we'd get some real experience under our belt before the tournament. the ACC is challenging, but honestly, headlining a schedule with Mich St and a potential bout with Texas (Maui final?) is pretty weak sauce.

Cason said...

Also, playing MSU at an NCAA tourney site (not sure about Chicago...), and playing UCSB and Nevada on the road makes me think Coach K made our schedule. This would have been a great year to resume the UConn series, but alas, no dice.