Wednesday, March 12

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

San Diego, George Mason, & Western Kentucky

um, so yeah. This was going to be a post about lost bubble spots. Teams like VA Tech, Ohio St and Kentucky should be sweating it out now that three leagues that have no business crashing the big dance are likely getting multiple bids. Now, what I'm actually going to do is follow suit and give my best guess as to who will be on the ACC All-Freshman team, especially since the actual version will be released soon.

Kyle Singler, Duke
JJ Hickson, NC State
Terrance Oglesby, Clemson
Jeff Teague, Wake Forest
Jeff Allen, Virginia Tech

That's also my best guess as to the order of votes received, I think a couple of players will be getting the shaft here, both James Johnson and Malcolm Delaney have had noteworthy years but will likely be sad victims of vote splitting among teammates. IF either of them get the nod it would likely be Johnson over Oglesby or Allen.


Lucy Rebecca said...

slow day at work you two?

Byron said...

...the All-ACC teams were all released on Monday!

and yes, Johnson got the nod over Oglesby.

washer and dwyer said...

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the Rockets. Watched them play yesterday and their defense is pretty good. Also, Skip To My Lou is their point guard, so it merits viewing.