Sunday, October 29

Baltimore over New Orleans. The Ravens' O comes through seemingly for the first time all season big against the Saints' 19th-ranked D.

New England over Minnesota. Tom Brady faces a tough game against Minnesota's 3rd-ranked D, but comes out on top in a close one.

Dallas over Carolina. *winces* Sorry, boys, Dallas just looks better right now.

Cincinnati over Atlanta. The Falcons' anemic offense gets shut out in this one.

New York over Cleveland. Toss-up, but the Jets win by a field goal.

Houston over Tennessee. David Carr finds Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds all day while marching all over the Titans' D in a blowout win.

And the money pick...

Denver over Indianapolis. The home-field advantage the Broncos get is almost tangible as they win a slugfest over the Colts. "Art" Tatum Bell scores three touchdowns in the win.

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